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Bookings in the studio (on weekdays):

You can book via phone +358 40 033 0690,
email or through the contact form on our website.
We also do morning/evening and weekend photoshoots (both in the studio and on-location).



Aapistie 5B,
90220 Oulu
040 033 06

Thursday 23.5.
Exceptionally closed because of one-day course.

Kulmakuvaamo 2.0

Eveliina Halttu

I’m happy you found your way to our website! Kulmakuvaamo is a photo studio in Oulu, located in the university premises, approximately 3 kilometers away from the city center.


Kulmakuvaamo was established by Seija Leskelä in 2015, yet our history dates all the way back to the 1970s, where the roots of our operations lie. Leskelä ran the studio for eight years, but after a business acquisition in the fall of 2023, I – Eveliina Halttu – became the new owner of Kulmakuvaamo.


So, we would like to welcome all new clients, and everyone who has already trusted me or Seija with their photography, to join us on this transition phase and the journey that lies ahead! <3

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Kulmakuvaamo logo




Portraits can be taken on-location, in the studio, or in the comfort of your own home. The pricing is the same regardless of the chosen location. Our portrait sessions include e.g. photoshoots for children, families, and babies, as well as maternity and boudoir photography.


For CV photoshoots in the studio, please refer to the separate price list

Electronic passport photos

Get your electronic passport photos taken in our studio. The photos will be sent directly to the police. APPOINTMENT REQUIRED.

Card payments only.


Weddings and other events

We have separate pricing for wedding photography. If you can’t find a suitable option from the existing packages, do not hesitate to get in touch with us – we will happily give you an offer for a customized package! In addition to weddings, we do photography for all types of events, such as funerals, birthdays, public thesis defenses, christening ceremonies, and other special occasions. Available for both individual consumers and businesses.

Large format printing & photo printing

Large format prints on high-quality photo paper and canvas. Up to 110cm in width. 

We offer photo printing in various sizes. Prices for these services will soon be available on our website.


Click on the images to peek into the gallery!
















other photo shoots

Greetings from our clients <3

“Thank you for the wonderful pictures!! I was so happy looking at them :) You’ve done an amazing job capturing the atmosphere of that day in these pictures. <3 It was such a lovely day! I am so happy and grateful that you’ve taken so many photos of all those lovely moments! It’s so nice to reminisce that day through these pictures. I really liked how you took pictures of the guests already during the day. <3”

Photography for a public thesis defense

Price list

The price of portrait photography includes

a basic fee, which is paid during the booking phase,


the price for selected images. The final price is determined by the number of chosen files, so the invoice will be sent after you have made your selections.

Basic fee

Image files

1v-kuvaus studiossa



Vastasyntyneen kuvaus

1 image = 35€

5 images = 140€

10 images = 220€

15 images = 280€

20 images = 340€

You can also purchase the entire gallery!

» Pre-shoot consultation

» 1-hour photoshoot

» On-location / in the studio /

in the client’s home

» Includes kilometer allowance within 30km from Oulu city center

All prices incl. 24% VAT.

Final price for the photoshoot:


Example: 125€ + 5 images (140€) = 265€

CV Photoshoots

CV photoshoots take place at our studio, and the duration of the session is approx. 15 minutes. The price of the photoshoot includes one digital file, which you freely use in your resume, on LinkedIn, or in other situations where you need a professional portrait. A few days after the session, you’ll receive a gallery of images to choose from. Your final image will be available for use within 24 hours after the selection.


The price includes the basic fee & one selected image (in color and black & white).

Additional images 25€ each.



Please find the current price list for weddings below. All packages include a pre-shoot consultation and kilometer allowance within 30km from Oulu city center. The first invoice is paid during the booking, and it will be deducted from the final invoice.

A contract is always signed for wedding photography.







Wedding portraits

Ceremony + wedding portraits
+ 2-hour reception coverage

Ceremony + wedding portraits + 4-hour reception coverage

» Pre-wedding consultation well in advance

» 1-hour portrait session /

8 finalized images

» The photoshoot will take place in your desired location

» Pre-wedding consultation well in advance

» 1-hour portrait session /

8 finalized images

» The photoshoot will take place in your desired location

» Ceremony coverage with plenty of images

» 2-hour reception coverage

» Lightly edited images from the reception, approx. 100-250 images

» 4 hours of photography coverage in total

» Pre-wedding consultation well in advance

» 1-hour portrait session /

12 finalized images

» The photoshoot will take place in your desired location

» Ceremony coverage with plenty of images

» 4-hour reception coverage

» Lightly edited images from the reception, approx. 250-400 images

» 6 hours of photography coverage in total

All prices incl. 24% VAT.

Other Events

Other events include all types of special occasions, except weddings. These events include, for example, funeral & memorial services, birthdays, public thesis defenses & doctoral defense parties (fin. karonkka), confirmations, christening ceremonies, grand openings... Whichever special day you’re celebrating, I’d love to capture it on camera! <3

First hour

Following hours



The number of images depends on the duration of the session.

All prices incl. 24% VAT

Gift cards

We offer electronic gift cards (which can be printed if that’s what you prefer!). Gift cards are valid for 6 months starting from the date of purchase. While selecting the images, the gift card holder can always purchase additional files (see the price list for image files). The prices for portrait photography gift cards are as follows:

125€ basic fee

& 3 images = 230€

125€ basic fee

& 5 images = 265€

125€ basic fee

& 10 images = 345€

125€ basic fee

& 15 images = 405€

125€ basic fee

& 20 images = 465€

All prices incl. 24% VAT.

Behind the camera

Let’s get to know the entrepreneur a little better…

I’m a photographer originally from Kemi, but I’ve been living in Oulu since the spring of 2022. I have a degree in Visual Expression, and I hold a professional photographer's qualification.


Ever since I was a child, photography has been an important part of my life. It started as a hobby, but my skills and interest towards photography kept on growing as time went on, so I decided to pursue a degree in Visual Expression while also being in high school. I studied Visual Expression at Lappia in Tornio and graduated in the spring of 2019.


The year 2019 ended up being one of the most important turning points in my career. I started working as a light entrepreneur in the fall, doing photoshoots. At first, my clients were mainly people that I already knew but after a couple of years, I had become a well-known photographer in Kemi.


In the summer of 2020, I decided to continue my studies in Tornio, this time aiming for a vocational qualification in photography. I began my studies in the fall and got my professional photographer's qualification in June 2022. After graduation I moved to Oulu, and as my client base was mainly in and around Kemi, I pretty much started from scratch.

In the spring of 2023, my 9-5 job started to feel draining and took too much energy away from photography. In all honesty, having a daytime job had been making things a bit more difficult for quite some time at that point. I registered as a job seeker, hoping to find a job in my own field. As a result, I got to take part in Business Coaching for young adults, which eventually led to me buying Kulmakuvaamo. That’s my story in a nutshell!

So, that’s the person behind the camera. Personally, I would describe myself as a pretty chill, friendly person with a passion for capturing the important moments in your life!

♥: Eveliina

Good to know before booking a photoshoot



You can book a session here on our website, by phone +358400330690,

via email,

or on Instagram at @kulmakuvaamo.

Please specify which type of photoshoot you’re interested in and a possible date for the session.


Delivery of images

I will send a link to the image gallery via email within two weeks from the photoshoot (excluding e.g. passport, ID, and CV photoshoots). After you’ve selected the images you wish to keep, the final invoice will be sent.

Once the payment is received, I will send the finalized images as a downloadable folder via email as soon as possible.

You will get the images in a format that’s suitable for printing (incl. photo products) as well as a version optimal for online use.


Rescheduling the session

Please note that if you wish to reschedule your photoshoot, you should do so at the latest 24 hour before the session. Exceptions may apply for wedding photography packages: in that case, please refer to your contract for details.

If the photoshoot is not canceled on time, the full price will be charged for the photoshoot and, in addition, the normal price for the new photshoot. In the case of unexpected changes in weather conditions, the photoshoot can be rescheduled on the same day. The basic fee includes one rescheduling, e.g. due to illness. Please still reschedule photoshoot at the latest day before the session, thank you.


Use of images

It is not allowed to crop, edit, or use any type of filters on the images. The images can be published, printed, and used for non-commercial purposes only. The photographer has a right to use the images for marketing purposes and to publish them on their website and on social media channels. The client must inform the photographer in case they don’t want their images to be published anywhere. Copyrights are owned by Eveliina Halttu. When posting the images on Instagram, the photographer must be mentioned in the caption or tagged in the image as @kulmakuvaamo. On Facebook, please mention our profile page Kulmakuvaamo in the caption.


Contact Us

Aapistie 5B

90220 Oulu

Mon & Wed 10-17 Tue & Thu 12-17

Fri 10-16

+358 40 033 0690

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Thank you for contacting us, I will return you via email!

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